Our Mission

  • To save souls by leading people by grace through faith to Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.
  • To teach and preach the word of God in truth and in spirit.
  • To make heaven our ultimate goal and to prepare and equip people for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To establish branches of RCCG within a convenient distance in cities and towns.
  • To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to nations of the world through our Mission Department.
  • To establish CARE centers to reaches out to people in need within the communities where we operate.
  • To uphold spiritual discipline, moral purity, personal integrity, modest appearance, family responsibilities, youth ministries, Christian education, and social obligations within the communities.
  • To make heaven

In Our Community

  • We will preach Jesus to every home.
  • We will learn the word of God and strive to live a holy life.
  • We will reach out to the community groups and contribute to making the town a great place to live and worship God.